Anastasia Bugaychuk
Kyiv, Kyiv region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

My name is Nastya. My mother Victoria and I are developing our sewing business. Мy mother has been sewing since the age of 16, she is a certified designer and technologist of garment production. I have worked in several garment industries as a designer in CAD.

In 2018, we fulfilled our dream by opening our own studio, and in 2021 we started a clothing store on instagram, where we sew custom orders for each client according to his parameters and height.

In early February, we had the idea to launch our website with ready-made clothing patterns, because almost the entire branch was occupied by Russian sites and I wanted to start Ukrainian content! But then the war started and it all died down. Now we are trying to keep our business in order not to lose our income, we are making discounts for our clients, we have provided temporarily displaced people with clothing, we are sewing things for our defenders. We will not give up and now we want to take up our idea with the patterns again, because it has become very important and for our Ukrainian specialists the branch has finally been vacated and we can show how cool we are! It is also an opportunity to enter the international market and sell a Ukrainian digital product. We really hope that this will help save our family workshop from closure, because we put so much love and energy into it.

Now we need funds to purchase the necessary equipment, pay for CAD and purchase fabrics for product samples. This is not a very large amount, but for our micro-business it is still unattainable.

We will be infinitely grateful for any help!


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