Andrii Borysenko
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

The launch of our eco-tourism family business was planned for the summer of 2022.
We have chosen a new and very promising direction – glamping.

In a nutshell, this line of business unites a high level of service and hospitality close to nature.
Essentially, this is a light prefabricated housing located in the picturesque places of our Ukraine filled with all modern amenities for a comfortable stay combined with nurturing respect for nature, preservation of the environment, and allowing our guests to appreciate the surroundings.

Over the last year, we have been through huge preparations: we have selected and acquired a suitable land plot near Kyiv (in which we have invested most of our savings), analyzed and calculated the financial and economic model of the future business, started creating and developing a website and all the necessary accounts in social networks, initiated negotiations and calculations for the construction and purchase of the necessary light frame tents, outlined the engineering networks and many other things.

One of our goals was to show the beauty of our country to everyone and to show our children how to care and respect for our land and our future.

Now our future is truly in our hands! They are trying to take it away from us, but it is impossible! The war that came to our land united all Ukrainians.

Very soon, we will return to our homes and our loved ones.
Right now, it is very important to try to get back to work as soon as possible, which will help stabilize both the economic performance and psychological state of our people.

We are looking for partners for our hospitality business.
We will gratefully accept any financial assistance for our project.
To continue its development, any amount is helpful, as there are many incremental costs.

We will be glad to get in touch with colleagues working in the same industry who can give advice, share experience, and provide equipment or production facilities.

We are ready to invite friends to join the project as partners or reimburse the financial assistance provided by hosting them in the future.
All money provided will be reinvested in scaling the project up.

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