Andriy Fisenko
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

The New Media Printing House is based in Odesa, an amazing city at the Black Sea coast. We specialize in manufacturing paper packaging, printing all types of advertisements, price tags, stickers, books and magnets. We have a wonderful team and long experience in manufacturing items in small to medium batches. Our biggest joy is our happy customers with whom we have worked for many years. But, everything has changed now. The war has broken into our home country. All our plans were ruined on the morning of February 24. Our equipment has not been functioning since. Most of our customers put their business activities on halt, while some of the coworkers left Ukraine. Despite all of this, we are working. Who, if not us, can support this country’s economy? We are printing various encouraging stickers, magnets and other items in small batches.


We will much appreciate any support and will be more than happy to find new partners and receive new orders. It will all be Ukraine!

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