Andrew Strakhovsky
Bucha, Kyiv region
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My story

How will people who have seen the hell of Bucha with their own eyes live? Instead of warm meetings, fragrant coffee and children’s laughter this spring, there were rapes, torture, murders, looting, tanks, explosions, house demolitions, screams and tears. The whole war is tears. Every human story, even with a happy ending, is tears.


Our story is also about tears, but first about dignity, humanity and devotion to one’s work. From the very beginning of the war, our «Continent» residential complex became a place that took terrible blows. Every apartment was broken into and robbed, windows were all shattered, landscaping was destroyed, the office of our company Strakhovskyi Group was destroyed to the last chair, even a crane we could’ve used to resume construction of housing for Ukrainians was wrecked.


On February 16 this year, on Unity Day, we hoisted the Ukrainian flag on top of the crane. The russian occupants entering our residential complex began to overthrow Ukrainian symbols. It was difficult for them to destroy the flag, which is at a height of 50 m from the ground, so the shelling of the crane with military equipment began. As a result, the crane received very serious damage. More details in our video


Over the last month, «Continent» has come to its senses: here we have cleaned, demined the whole area, partially replaced the windows, repaired the roof, there is water, electricity and gas. People return to «Continent». Because they love this complex. And for us it is the greatest value – to create what people love – their homes. The value of hearing “hello, neighbor” in the yard, the value of seeing how it rains and reading books on the windowsills, seeing how they walk their dogs, how they lull children, and a few years later lead them to kindergarten, later to school.


We wholeheartedly want to continue to do the work of our lifetimes – the construction of housing estates for such people. For those who are now in Ukraine or abroad, for the talented, beautiful, strong, smart, wonderful.


Unfortunately, we are unable to resume operations due to a broken construction crane and lack of money to repair it.


Therefore, we, Strakhovskyi Group, are starting to raise funds to renovate the housing estate and continue building housing for Ukrainians.


We believe that in this world there will be People who have fallen in love with Ukraine. We believe that these people understand what Bucha had to go through. We believe that these People sincerely wish us well and want to help. We believe that these People believe. Believe in Ukraine💛💙


If you have the desire and ability to help us restore the “Continent” residential area – we will be grateful to everyone who will take part in it.



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