Andriy Vaculenko
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

We founded the bakery “Taki Pyrogy” in 2014.

We dreamed of delivering delicious, nutritious and original cakes to people, providing impressive service and being honest with our customers. In the same year, Russia attacked Ukraine. That same year, we started helping Ukraine more than just doing our work. Despite all the difficulties, we managed to grow into a team of 50 friends, win the hearts of thousands of Kyiv citizens, and get feedback about good service.

But on the morning of February 24, 2022, everything stopped. We woke up in the war.

Tanks went to Kyiv instead of delivery vehicles. In order not to risk the life of the team, we were forced to stop work. As part of the team that stayed in Kyiv, we prepared food for our defenders and those who are in need.

In 39 days we opened for clients but in a very limited mode. During the sound of the siren, our bakers prepare pies, and couriers bravely deliver orders to the people in Kyiv. With today’s demand, we cannot provide enough income to offset the cost of doing business, although we are trying our best.

We believe that we will soon be back to development.

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