Anna Bondar
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story


My name is Anna. I am a co-founder of the Ukrainian brand Glozis.

The idea to start Glozis was born in 2011. Our goal was to create high-quality and stylish decor at an affordable price.

Glozis™ products are made from natural materials. Every item – from its design to the finished product – is carefully thought out by our team. In the next stage, the product is tested. The product quality is controlled at every stage of production.

We had big creative plans for 2022. We planned to expand our product range by using new production equipment, but February 24 put all our plans on hold…

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine turned Kyiv and the Kyiv region into a war zone, and we were forced to stop the production and commercialization of our products.

Nevertheless, today we are trying to resume our work because we want to produce and promote high-quality Ukrainian goods. We have to hold the front line. Businesses must run to help Ukraine be rebuilt and return to normal life.

We are working, and we believe in our victory.

Everything will be Ukraine!

And we will be grateful for your support!

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