Anna Mazur
Kyiv, Kyiv
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Happy Monday works to help Ukrainians to find work and be able to support themselves and the country. Our front now is quality, important and proven career information. Our team resumed work during the war to do what we do best – help with employment and provide the necessary information about work. Every day, 25,000 Ukrainians look for work on our platform. We have found and published 1000+ vacancies for them with the opportunity to work remotely and in European cities. We have also conducted and are preparing a dozen webinars that facilitate job search and provide critical knowledge and skills, such as starting a freelance job, employment opportunities in different countries, preparing a CV in English, and more.

In the pre-war period, we created company profiles, created native advertising, published paid vacancies and had the opportunity to provide our team financially. Now we have opened the possibility for companies to publish vacancies for free to help as many people as possible to find a job faster. But we lost the source of our funding because 100% of our income consists of payments for vacancies and advertising of companies. That is why now we need help. If you value what we do, help us with a voluntary contribution so that we can continue to support Ukrainians who are looking for work.

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