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Ukrainian Lithium Corporation.

Established in February, 2022.

Our strategy is based on the idea of mutually beneficial cooperation with a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries.

Although we admit that it has not been easy to have a business in Ukraine, we believe in great manufacturing opportunities in Ukraine. Ukraine is rich in natural and human resources as well as opportunities. We are now able to assist international businesses and offer our partnership.

To attract significant investment, it is essential to create as many business enterprises as possible that will work in the same  production cycle – ore mining, its processing, retrieving  carbonate,  hydroxide or lithium chloride at hydrometallurgical plants up to the electrochemical production where anodes and cathodes are made as well as  lithium-ion production. To create such a production chain, significant investments are required together with the support from the state.

We believe that once we have constructed the first lithium batteries plant, we will be able to attract local Ukrainian lithium mining companies to be our business partners. Moreover, we will speed up the decision on unfreezing lithium fields in Ukraine. Besides, there’s a local lithium market which has a great potential for improvement.

Poor competition, low cost, great human resource market, cheap resources and relaxed taxation policies are favorable factors now. In addition, modern technology allows to create eco-oriented production which is recently a key factor in the plant construction and work safety.

A bridgehead for a Ukrainian technological breakthrough can be in the field which has been ignored due to post-soviet stereotypes and modern IT trends.

We appreciate your interest and support in this field. We will be more than happy to assist you.

May Ukrainian high-tech manufacturing be!

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