Bogdan Diakonovich
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hi friends. We are a Ukrainian couple, who traveled the world, worked in many countries in Europe, as well as in China and the USA. We gained some experience, earned money and decided to come back to Ukraine and settle down at the end of 2019. Our goal was to start our own business, but it turned out we were able to open our own coffeeshop only in October 2020 (because of Covid and other regulations we were forced to postpone it), even though the plan was to launch in April 2020.  We opened our coffeeshop in Retroville shopping mall in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, right by the very end of the city in the north part.

As you might know, on March 21 2022, at around 11:15pm Russian armed forces bombed Kyiv and the rockets landed on Retroville. And although the epicenter of the strike was at the other end of the shopping mall, our coffeeshop suffered damage as well. At this point we are not able to continue our operation, the shopping mall needs a lot of reconstructions, it is half destroyed. We are in need of relocation (which includes but isn’t limited to search of a new location, disassembly and later assembly of furniture, furniture and equipment relocation and purchase of new produce (all the food expired and has gone bad as we did not have any access to the coffeeshop before bombing. Although we tried to get some of our products and sweets and distribute them amongst people in bomb shelter hiding from shellings).

The sum mentioned would be enough to cover our February 2022 payments that include broken plates, some equipment repair, logistics, rent, utility bills and product cost price (taxes and salaries were fully paid by us using the money we had earned up until February 23)

We’d like to ask for help from anyone who would be willing to help our small business to survive in such horrendous times. We put so much work, love and effort into our small business

Thank you for your time. Glory to Ukraine!

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