Denys Karpolenko
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello everybody. We are the Pekarskyi company, we bake happiness.

We have been working since 2017, during which time we have grown from a small coffee shop in the residential area of ​​Ivano-Frankivsk to four coffee shops in the city and a small own production of frozen puff pastry.

In our production we cover the entire production cycle: kneading Ukrainian flour dough, making puff pastry, forming a variety of dough products (croissants, Danish pastries, puff pastry), baking, filling jams from Ukrainian manufacturers and delivering to shops and cafes in the city or sending frozen products across Ukraine.

Before the war, we planned to export products abroad, because frozen or finished products have much more added value than just grain that grows in our country, we hope that after the war we can return to our plans.

We did not stop working after the war began, continuing to give people such familiar joys as coffee and freshly baked croissants, because the presence of such simple things inspires hope that everything will return to normal. Our team of 12 employees works daily to ensure the peace of our guests and customers.


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