Denys Kondrat’ev
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

4TEAM CLOTHING is a clothing brand with our own manufacturing facilities. In times of peace we manufactured very cool designer merch on order. Our main customers are IT companies who care about the design of the corporate merch which is presented as a gift to the employees. Among them are Plarium, Game Loft, EPAM, Coral Travel and others. Unfortunately, the majority of the staff were forced to flee Kharkiv where our manufacturing facilities are based.

Just like other fellow countrymen and women we have been separated from our families, left our homes, jobs and hometowns. But, we will soon be back, rejoin and become much stronger than now.

In order to help our servicemen and women to kick out all these cursed “liberators’ , we have decided to do what we like and are good at: making cool uniform items for the army. Thanks to the manufacturing facilities of  our colleagues in Odesa and Khmelnytsky and also donations from those who care, we have already made 721 thermal underwear, 380 balaclavas and 607 t-shirts. We need your help now to make more.

We are looking for UHR 285000 to manufacture 3500 t-shirts for our army. 

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