Dmytro Andrianov
Brovary, Kyiv region
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My story


I am Dmytro Andrianov, co-founder of the DASport club in Brovary, Kyiv region. 

Almost a year ago, on May 10, my partner Iryna Bondarenko and I opened the doors of our small but very atmospheric gym. 

Our customers work out only with a coach present and under his/her supervision, because we are professional, performing athletes. We know that sport can not only help but it can also cause harm. 

Our gym is small, but every piece of equipment, every square meter has many years of experience working with people. 

Before the war, DASport had almost 70 active customers. 50 members visited the gym 3 times per week on average, half of them have been members since we opened our doors. 

Unfortunately, since the war has broken out, we had to close the DASport club. Most of our clients left their homes and had to relocate. We paused the business, but continued to fulfill our obligations to contractors (landlord, condominium (where the club is located), utility providers). Customer subscriptions were “frozen”, so they did not lose training days. 

I continued to work with clients, training them online through messengers or Zoom, helped them with their nutrition. Now our customers are all over the world. All the experience of working with people, the principles of the program “YES, I can!” can and should be spread all over the world. Why? The main idea, the value I want to convey to people is sports and proper nutrition are the basis of health so a strong and healthy nation can rebuild Ukraine. 

Development of the DASport mobile application, which combines the experience and proven approach of our club: 

  1. Getting to know new customers and testing, to identify personalized problems and tasks; 
  1. Forming a food system with sample menus (currently customers receive a pdf file); 
  1. Video training; 
  1. Chat communication with a coach and the whole community; 

The premium package includes online training with a coach. 


Not a single member will be left unattended. Our app is not a soulless algorithm, each client is under the supervision of a coach. Coach’s help is a message away. I know that the most important thing in losing weight is not to be alone. 

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