Dmytro Melnykovych
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

WOO company – we have been doing SMM since 2014

From the very first day of the war, we lost all our customers and a significant part of the team. Despite it, just in one day we became an active unit of the Informational Army of Ukraine. We uncovered the truth about the war with the volunteer team with 30+ specialists (copywriters, designers and targetologists) gathered by us.

Today we are looking for new customers and rebuilding a team. To maintain the existing team, we need working capital.

Anna Korneyeva, Lviv
Praise be to Ukraine! Greetings, dear fellow country men and women and dear people in the neighboring countries! We are in a logis...
Dmytro Mychkin, Kyiv
Around 5 o’clock in the morning of 24 February 2022. A phone call: “Dmytro, wake up! It’s a war!” A war? What war? Explosions were...
Ilona Dolga, Kyiv
Hello, welcome to M’Andryk Food.  Before the war, our team worked for kindergartens in Kyiv and prepared quality home-made food fo...
Olena Kasian, Sumy
“OKTOWN” is an application for building Ukraine’s tourist infrastructure and for cooperation of small and medium-sized tourist bus...