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My story

Hello everyone!

We are a team of the production company “EXPERT GROUP”. 

 The main task of “EXPERT GROUP” – the implementation of projects for exterior and interior design of buildings with advertising structures, decorative elements, manufacturing of furniture and retail equipment. 

Some of our company’s customers are top retailers such as: Epicenter, Rozetka, LC Waikiki, Silpo, LPP, H&M, Citrus and others. 

In recent years, the company has also implemented the best projects for the design of leading malls in Ukraine. 

EXPERT GROUP specializes in the complex design of shopping malls with advertising and navigation structures. We are the company that can provide you with a wide range of services starting with the development of the concept of the design idea to the full implementation of the project, which includes the production and installation of structures, facade design of shopping malls, signs, stelae, pylons, navigation, trade equipment and more. Among the company’s clients are such shopping malls as: Blockbuster Mall, Nikolsky, Retroville, Gulliver, Caravan, Respublika Park and others. 

 We believe in the Victory of Ukraine! 

We want to keep working, be as useful as possible.

In the near future to participate in the design and restoration of key facilities of our country. 

 Everything will be Ukraine! 

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