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We are a network of fitness clubs “FITGY.X”. Combining the most effective fitness trends from the USA and Europe, in 2020 we created in Ukraine a fitness club with no appointment (2020). You can come to us for a walk-in training with a coach at any time. 33-minute workouts with “FITGY.X” replace one-hour workouts in a usual gym. Today we have 3 modern, bright fitness clubs in Kyiv.

We offer the most convenient training format for people who value their time and lead active lives.  Coincidentally, we opened the first club at the beginning of the quarantine. And now, with the outbreak of war, we have just started to develop our 2 new clubs. But we move forward and do not give up. During the quarantine, our trainers conducted a free fitness marathon for everyone so that the Ukrainians would be active and healthy even while staying at home. This marathon later grew into a platform for trainings “Vdoma” (literally translated – “At home”).

Now, during the war, our coaches conduct free online live trainings every day. Our team has translated the platform for trainings “Vdoma” into English and, from the income from sales of these workouts raises money to help children.

The “FITGY.X” network wants to continue to help people stay healthy and active, as well as help war-affected children.

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