Rostislav Frolov
Kherson, Kherson region
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My story

My name is Rostislav Frolov. In 2008, we started an interesting family business using an idea provided by our son Ilya.
He asked my wife to buy a balloon. After some time, we realized that working with balloons can bring income.
This is how Aeromagic was born, which has been delighting Kherson residents with balloons and their compositions for many years.
In December 2013, the idea arose to create a store called Magic Party Shop (the second name is Everything for the Holiday) for the residents of the city.
The idea was as follows: a person who is responsible for the holiday in his own family, comes to a store that already has all the goods he needs, including balloons, that is, everything in one place. This saves his time and creates a good mood for the upcoming holiday.

Conceived – done! In December, we opened a small but successful store of holiday goods in the Fabrika shopping center, the largest shopping center in the south of Ukraine.

Over the years, we won the trust and recognition of many townspeople; we provided holiday goods to a large number of people.

And in 2019, we opened another, larger store in the historic center of the city. In 2020, we received a patent for the use of our own trademark in Ukraine.

But on February 24, everything changed. On March 1, the Russians entered our city after fierce battles on the Antonivsky Bridge.

Our shopping center was hit by several shells, which caused a fire. The invaders did not allow the firefighters to put it out, as a result many shops were damaged, including ours.

Every day the situation in the city with business, and in general, became worse and more dangerous.

When we heard that shop windows were being smashed in some areas, we closed the remaining shop and made the decision to leave the city.

This decision was a very difficult one, but finally it was made.

Literally in a few hours, the most necessary things were collected, and we, taking mother and son, left the city with the help of a carrier at our own peril and risk.

On May 15, we were in Kyiv.

We have now realized that we want to continue our business here in Kyiv. We want to be useful for our economy, the country, to be able to help in this difficult time. There is knowledge, desire, and a plan for this, but, unfortunately, there is no financial resource. But we believe in our victory and ourselves!

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