Halyna Pyshna
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

We are Comfort Parking, a parking lot near Boryspil airport. Since the first day of russian federation’s invasion of the land of independent Ukrainians, we have not stopped fulfilling our duty towards clients for a second by protecting their vehicles 24/7. Video surveillance and security guarding are provided around the clock.

We make every possible effort to continue being on guard, but we need support from everyone who is not indifferent, for Boryspil International Airport, like all other airports, has been non-operational since 24 February 2022, and we have not been earning income for over a month. Certainly, the rental period for paid-up parking spots lapsed long ago, and it is unlikely that someone can cover excess rental days at such a time.

We have faith in Ukraine and the strength of the UAF, and we believe the war will end soon! Nonetheless, we would be grateful for your possibility to facilitate our functioning.

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