Inna Chyzhyk
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Itadream is a family business that started with one sewing machine in 1998.  

Before the war, our company specialized in sewing table textiles for homes and restaurants (cafes, pubs, restaurants, etc.), as well as a variety of uniforms for service workers.

Yesterday we sewed personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, overalls), and today – bulletproof vests, plate carriers, unloading, and other military ammunition, which can be made with a sewing machine.

To speed up the process, improve and automate some operations, we need to purchase additional special equipment and quality raw materials. The only obstacle is the lack of funds.

Even in the first days of the war, most of the available finances were spent on the needs of the army and charity.

We hand over part of the manufactured products free of charge to the military and the territorial defense forces.

We constantly transfer 15-20% of the earned money to help the army.

In addition, a volunteer hub has been operating in one of the company’s premises since the first days of the war, where food, medicine, animal feed, etc. are collected, which are then delivered to those who need them.

The purchase of additional equipment and quality raw materials will increase the volume of products produced, while reducing its cost, and will help create more workplaces, especially for temporarily displaced persons.

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