Iryna Chukreieva
Boyarka, Kyiv region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

My attention has always been drawn to unusual things, such as decorative items that were made not by the machine, but handmade. I bought everything I needed, spent 4 days on the idea, the design,  and it worked!

These were candles made with my own hands, I was overjoyed. In 12 days, I already made 24 of them. I took a great interest in the process, so I came up with the idea to sell some of the candles. When the first candles were sold, I realized that my dream was actually a small business of my own. After all, I got more pleasure not from the production of candles, but from the process of selling them. Before sending the first order, the issue of packaging arose.  It was necessary to pack them so that the cups in which the paraffin was poured did not break during transportation. So, I took a box, collected wood chips in the yard, packed everything and sent it. I was delighted with the result, all the other candles were also sent like that and just as beautifully packed.

At this point, another business idea came up – the production of wood chips for decoration and packaging.

The first orders were only 200-300 grams, but this was an incredible motivation; later the orders reached 10 kg, and then went up to 100-300 kg.

We faced financial crises, customer losses, COVID-19, and now the war. But over 5 years of @eco_struzhka’s existence, we have never doubted what we were doing, each time we resumed our work, found new clients and looked for new opportunities.

At the moment, my dream has grown from a small business of my own to a large production of wood products. Therefore, in the near future we plan to work in the direction of automating chip production processes, expanding the range of wood products and organizing a team with which we can create our own brand and meet the needs of customers not only in Ukraine, but also on the international market.


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