Ivan Provotorov
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hi there! We are two friends who created a real men’s space in Vinogradar district of Kyiv – barbershop “Course”.

In 2014, we were forced to leave our city and build a new life in Kyiv! We studied, developed, sought our vocation and finally opened our business in 2020! Yes, it was a very difficult period – quarantine, but we persevered! Endured to face an even greater challenge!

Our facility is located in the part of the city that has suffered greatly from the actions of the occupier, so most of our regular customers have left their homes in search of a safe place. But we still try to work and help our state!

Now in our barbershop  fighters of Territory Defense and Army of Ukraine can receive services absolutely free of charge. We donate a part of our earnings to a volunteer fund for the purchase of food baskets for retirees.

However, for a full recovery after the victory, we need additional funds for the purchase of consumables, rent and utility bills. Now you can help us to save our business and jobs for our barber team and administration!

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