Katerina Hryshyna
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hi there! We, „Tut Bude” – are a young chain of pet-friendly cafes.

15.04.22 we will celebrate our first birthday, we imagined  it in a slightly different format…

It is from this date that our history began, “Tut Bude” is 7 different, but equally delicious and cozy cafes in Kyiv. During this year we have created our own production: a confectionery shop and our own coffee roasting. We are used to being independent and counting on our own resources, we have created 120 cool jobs.

From 01.03. there is a new reality “Tut Bude” – it’s volunteering. We opened the doors of our Confectionery Shop and threw all our energy into cooking, which is more than 1,500 lunches a day – for our defenders, medical staff, and those in need.

Now our team consists of about 40 employees and volunteers who have not left Kyiv.

Today, only 2 of our 7 coffee shops are operating at 20% of their capacity. We do not want to lose our team and staff of the rest of our locations – we want to continue to provide good jobs and develop honest Ukrainian business.

At the moment we do not have these resources, all the funds for these 1.5 months went to the aid of the Armed Forces! Therefore, we join this project and hope it will help us return to the Economic Rails of the country.

Your donations will help us to cover the utility costs of coffee shops to start them, to buy packaging for the lunches we prepare for volunteering, and to return jobs to 200 people.

We are looking forward to your congratulations on your birthday!

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