Kateryna Spivak
Podilsk, Odesa region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello, I am a practicing consultant on Gestalt approach and I am additionally training to be a psychotherapist. Before I was fascinated with psychology, I had been doing business in the field of trade for 12 consecutive years. Three years ago, after my business burnt in a big fire, I opened my own practice and started consulting as a specialist in assistant occupations. I obliterated my grief with work on my own therapy and at the same time I studied a lot, attended therapeutic and supervision groups, intensive courses, conferences, and developed my own practice. In September 2021, I registered again as an individual entrepreneur and began paying taxes on my consulting activities.

Now I work a lot both offline and online, I provide free crisis support to the Ukrainians who have suffered from Russian aggression, I feel the strength within me and resilience to become an agent for those who have already faced single-blow traumas, horrors, loss of families, friends, destruction of housing, loss of jobs and businesses, and in general – the loss of their dreams, hopes, plans. Together with my clients I cope with anger, fear, helplessness, despair, hopelessness, grief, we look for optimal ways of life in new realities.

Most consultations are given free of charge. I am asking for support because, in order to help others maintain their mental health, I must first and foremost take care of myself so that I would not burn out and would be able to take up studies and support myself in my own therapy and supervision, as well as pay taxes. I have a lot of ideas on how to expand my practice, such as conducting free support groups, providing crisis psychological assistance to those who actively need it, opening an online psychological crisis center, as we will have to clean up the consequences of Russian aggression and its impact on the mental state of Ukrainians for years.

I believe in victory and in the fact that we’ll make it work, whatever happens!

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