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My name is Kseniia Yushchenko. I established a creative camp for kids “Chas Indigo” (Indigo Time) and a democratic school in Kyiv. Also, I am a chairwoman of the Ukrainian Association of camps for kids “Liudy Lita”.

For 15 years, my main mission and goal is to create a comfortable space for the harmonious personal and creative development of the child.

Before the war, we hosted about 800 children from Ukraine in the summer season and 150 children in the winter.

But on 24 February 2022, all our plans were ruined overnight. 

Many of our children and their parents are still in danger today. Our school is closed because of possible airstrikes in the city. Former locations for our camps are hosting refugees.

As a result of the war, the team that became like family was scattered around the world. Some of our children stayed in the occupied cities, others were forced to leave their homes and become displaced persons, or left the country fleeing the war.

My three children and I fled from the shelling, from the occupied village of Kukhari, near Kyiv. It is a village that is almost 80% destroyed today because it was ruled by invaders. 

It was in this village that we built a modern eco-space, and dreamed of welcoming the first guests in the summer of 2022, and in the fall of 2022 to create a green school there for our children.

Today, we have completely reformatted our activities. Our tutors continue to teach children online. They have developed new, interesting projects and lessons. All the children who have access to the Internet contact us from any country and city, in which they temporarily found themselves.

We realize that many Ukrainian kids won’t be able to return home so we decided to try to organize a charitable psychological rehabilitation camp for children and their parents this summer.

Dear friends, I ask you for help.

First of all, we need funding to enable our superior team of teachers and tutors to work, to pay people who are willing to run charity camps and educate children in such a difficult time for free. Also, we need to finance our volunteering as all these activities are organized at our own expense. 

We will be grateful for any help.
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Our plans:

  • establish a creative charitable, psychological, and rehabilitation camp for children and their mothers;
  • to continue volunteering to support civilians (children and their parents)
  • in the future, we dream of rebuilding and restoring our eco-space destroyed by the occupiers in the village of Kukhari, to help Kukhari recover by raising funds for the reconstruction of the village
  • we dream to meet our big family of “Chas Indigo” in the camp and celebrate not only our camp’s birthday but Ukraine’s Victory as well!

Everything will be Ukraine!

Everything will be Love!

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