Kyrylo Hrytsenko
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My story

We are a team of Mellivora developers from Sumy.

In 2021, we created a construction 3D printer and, in August 2021, we printed the first house in Ukraine, in Nedryhailiv, Sumy Region:

We continue to work on the project, constantly improving the technology. Besides the printer, our team has developed a unique software product to operate the printer and a concrete unit adapted to work with a 3D printer. Our goal is to introduce 3D-printer construction technology into the construction market of Ukraine.

The possible scope of this printer is huge:
– construction of buildings of complex architecture;
– construction of bridges;
– rapid construction of fortification strongholds for military purposes;
– coastal reinforcement;
– production of landscape elements (benches, fountains, etc.);
– construction of swimming pools;
– construction of fences;
– construction of artificial reefs and more.

The 3D printer construction technology not only allows to save substantially on the construction of walls, but also to do it fast, and receive strong walls as a result.

We are looking for investments to continue project development and start mass production of respective construction 3D printers.

After all, the dark times will end and we will build our Ukraine.

The funds raised will be used towards project development and manufacturing of new printers so that our robots were present in each region of Ukraine.

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