Mariia Nepop
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

We are the City Hairdresser, a family business that we created entirely on our own. After a week of the war, we decided that we would work because we had to support our masters and the economy of Ukraine. There are only three of our hairdressers stayed in Kyiv, so we also accepted those who did not have a place to work. In addition to haircuts and dyeing, the hairdresser has a humanitarian center, where volunteers distribute free food to all those who stayed in Kyiv and need help.

Now City Hairdresser works only at Observatory, 5 – come and recommend to friends, we will be glad to see you!

We cut volunteers and soldiers for free, if necessary our masters go to the military units. Also, we will not reject anyone who does not have the full amount for the service.

We are registering because we will have to raise both salons and keep 27 staff when we win. According to our calculations, all processes will require about UAH 500,000.

We believe in victory. Glory to Ukraine!

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