Mykhailo Dumnych
Kyiv, Kyiv
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My story

My name is Mykhailo Dumnych, I have been a medical emergency instructor for over four years. In summer of 2020, I finally carried out my little idea to establish Save a life first aid courses.

What did we do before the war?

We did our best to teach people how to save others and provide emergency help. We are a young but ambitious brand – we want every Ukrainian to become a real superhero!

What are we doing now?

Since the beginning of the war, we have been devoting all our time to the Armed Forces, the territorial defense forces, and the police. Of course, now we do not have the opportunity to fully engage in work, so the work of our team was transformed into volunteering.

What do we dream of doing after the war?

We really want to continue teaching to save lives. We dream of a cozy meeting of our small dream team after a working day in Kyiv office for a cup of tea 🖤

And we really want to gather the Olympic stadium full of people for the first aid course!

We will be grateful to everyone who wants to support our activities and help to develop the courses after our victory!

Everything will be fine with us and you 💙💛

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