Oksana Boyprav
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hi. This is Bo Brand and my business of linen manufacturing.

For three years me and my team have sewn customized minimalistic organic linen for cotton comfort and coziness in people’s homes. But the war had an impact: the sales have tanked and currently the turnover only lets us stay afloat and pay rent, taxes, utilities, salaries and of course, donate to the army, animal shelters and charity foundations.
I’m not closing my business, I’m not saying good bye and I’m not stopping the manufacturing. On the contrary, I want to be useful and sew linen for displaced people who have their homes and things taken away from them.

The best support would be to buy a linen set, but any sort of financial help is important and appreciated.

It will help us keep our business going and support Ukraine’s economy.

Glory to Ukraine and to the Armed Forces!
The victory is close.

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