Oksana Prochorova
Kherson, Kherson
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Our VermiDim-Dobrobud project aims to solve the problem of processing food and organic waste with the help of the red California worm.

Food waste, entering landfills, becomes a source of soil, water and air pollution, emits harmful gas that lead to the greenhouse effect, as well as blocks the possibility of processing inorganic waste into secondary raw materials.

Our team has been processing biomass into alternative fuels since 2013. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, we are faced with the need to address the problem of biomass processing using remote employment. That’s how we got to the idea of ​​local processing of biomass, namely food and organic waste, with the help of the California red worm. This method of processing does not require engineering networks with parameters that are inherent in the production with a high level of mechanization. After two years of work on the startup, we have developed a unique algorithm for harvesting worms and fertilizers, which ensures the financial stability of the project.

We developed the technology which utilizes the maximum amount of organic waste on the minimum working area due to the tier placement of worms. The project envisages the placement of the module directly on the sites of food waste. This may be the territory of condominiums, along with containers for sorting garbage, as well as markets, recreation centers, beaches, and businesses that process vegetables and fruits.

By recycling garbage, we will preserve the health of Ukrainians, and we will get fertile soil without which it is impossible to feed Ukrainians.

Social impact of the project VermiDim – Dobrobud – Job creation; Involvement of vulnerable groups; Reducing the load on municipal landfills; Reduction of harmful emissions into the environment.

Our team is a team of professionals united by one idea – to make our cities cleaner.

VermiDim – Dobrobud is a way to harmonize man with nature.

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