Oleksandr Zaderey
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My story

Hello everybody!

My name is Oleksandr Zaderey, I am a co-founder of the Forellis chain of fish and seafood stores.

The chain was founded in 2018 and has 14 stores.

We work in two cities ā€“ occupied Kherson and Kyiv.

We didnā€™t stop working in Kherson during the war. Moreover, we quickly changed the specialization in fish shops to shops that sell all the necessary goods for the population, as there was no supply of food to the citizens.

Our chefs baked bread, which we distributed to the public for free for a month, made dumplings and other semi-finished products, started working with meat, and sold flour, cereals, and pasta, although we specialize in fish.

We did not stop to work even for a moment. In times of war, you need to be flexible and change your specialization quickly.

In Kyiv, we stopped working and suffered heavy losses, as most of the stores were located in shopping malls that closed during the war.

We have 10 shops selling fish and sushi.

Losses over UAH 2,000,000. One store was destroyed by a rocket in the mall.

Now we are gradually resuming work, gathering staff. And we really need help, because we are left without working capital, and banks are not yet issuing loans. Most of the team understands our situation and has agreed to work for free.

We are also working on creating an international network and will be happy to have partners from other countries where we will open our network. Because our global goal is to open our stores in every country in the world!

Our mission is to inspire people with cool taste, high quality and a warm atmosphere.

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