Oleksandr Zolotenko
Kostyantynivka, Donetsk region
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My story

My name Is Oleksandr, I am engaged in dental practice. And I have already faced Russian aggression twice, which is why I was forced to move.

The first time was in 2014. After the occupation of the city where I was born and raised  (Horlivka), I was forced to leave my business for the first time and move to the city of Konstiantynivka, Donetsk region. I rented a room for organizing a dental office, used the last money to buy the cheapest dental unit, and started working.

As a result of receiving funds from grant programs of international donors in 2017 (PIN, DRC, Caritas), I was able to purchase additional equipment, consumables and even an advertising sign.

In 2020, I expanded my business (purchased another dental unit and created an additional workplace). In 2021, I renovated the equipment for my own earned funds.

On April 6, after calls for evacuation from the head of the region, I was forced to move again. My family and I have found ourselves again in a terrible state, in a new place, without the opportunity to work, earn a living, any resources to pay the rent, or maintenance of a child.

We are currently in Vinnytsia. We managed to remove 1/4 of the equipment. We found a space for business and signed a lease agreement. The rest of the equipment remained in Kostiantynivka.

Having become displaced for the second time, we do not give up the hope for a normal life in Ukraine and are asking for help, since we do not have the opportunity to start working fully and pay taxes due to lack of funds.

In order for the business to function, we need funds and new equipment. I hope to receive international funding, but most of all I rely on my own strength.

I would very much like to relocate the remains of equipment and furniture and start working fully in  Vinnytsia. But this is not possible now due to lack of funds and constant shelling of my city.

I have experience in fair and effective using of grant and financial assistance, which we now need like air. I will report for every penny, all funds will be invested in updating and restoring the workflow and in returning to normal life.

Today we are trying to help displaced people, who were also forced to leave their homes. We provide dental services at cost price.

I want to live in Ukraine, because I am Ukrainian!! And Ukraine is me.

I am asking for help, because I am not able to pay for the rent of premises, buy consumables, equipment, and so on.


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