Oleksiy Kirichenko
Проліски, Київська
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

We are a small but strong team. Our goal is to develop a culture of the care of any mode of transport in Ukraine and abroad. We have been operating since 2015 and would like to continue our business. Thanks to our work, we share experiences with countries such as Norway, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

On February 24, we were forced to shut down our complex. As a result of the rocket attack on Kyiv, part of our team was forced to evacuate, and part to join the ranks of the territorial defense of the capital, where it is still located.

Funds for rent, utilities, and materials were used to pay salaries, buy military equipment – living in wartime. We need $ 4,600 to cover the debts and to renew our work. We will be grateful for any support that will allow us to work in wartime.

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