Olexiy Mitrokhin
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

LLC SPE “MR-QUANTUM” is a manufacturing company founded in 2004 and working in the field of mechanical engineering, mainly producing devices for registration and control of radiation in the environment. 

The war caught us, like many others, by surprise and without warning. Production was closed until the end of March 2022. 

At the beginning of April, key employees returned to their duties, several of our colleagues are currently defending Ukraine as part of  Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

Today the main tasks of the company are to complete the pre-war contracts, preserve unique human and technological resources, ensure the functioning of martial law, prepare for possible radiation safety challenges population and the environment may experience during the war taking to consideration the number and capacity of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, possibility of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons being used on Ukrainian territories by the enemy. 

We support the economic front of our state, now we are working for Victory! 

Glory to Ukraine!

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