Olexiy Onufrienko
Severodonetsk, Lugansk region
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My story

Good day. My name is Olexiy. My wife and I started our own business in 2015. I am a banker by profession, after the first aggression on the part of russia in 2014 I had to leave my job and retrain.

After a long search for our niche, we stopped at the production of awnings, tents for trade, street tents, shade canopies, trade umbrellas, covers for technical products and more. One of the tests for my family was that we had no experience in this field, it took more than a year to create the necessary patterns for our products through trial and error. It was a very long and thorny path.

In 2020-2021, we diversified our business, divided it into several areas to be less affected by market fluctuations. All the time we were actively increasing production. We also increased the number of types of manufactured products, intellectually developed our production, worked towards the establishment of energy-saving technologies in production.

The beginning of 2022 forced us to leave our home again, our favorite business and for a few months immerse ourselves in endless viewing of news about our hometown of Severodonetsk.

Time goes by… we could no longer just watch the course of events, we wanted to be involved in the restoration of our country and our favorite cause.

So far, we have rented a small production facility, but funding is needed to get started, as we left everything in the Luhansk region, where fierce fighting is taking place right now. We need about UAH 200,000. We will spend these funds to purchase raw materials and some equipment that we do not have enough to resume operations. We also plan to create new jobs, smile again, make quality products, pay taxes, help people, help our Armed Forces, live and enjoy every moment of our lives. And after the victory we will direct our forces to the reconstruction of our hometown Severodonetsk.

With sincere hopes for understanding!

Glory to Ukraine!

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