Oleksii Sokolov
Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello! My name is Oleksii, I am a veterinarian and the owner of the Sokolov Veterinary Outpatient Clinic. We have been working since 2011.

Both in peacetime and in wartime, not only people need medical help, but also our pets, our four-legged fluffies. We continue to work and provide our services.

Many people are now out of work, homeless, but have not left their animals to fend for themselves. We understand the importance of our work but currently, we will not be able to help many animal owners at our own expense. Because we help not only pets but also people who are defending Ukraine with machine guns in their hands.

First of all, help is needed for those who are currently unable to pay for the treatment of the animal and purchase medicine.

Plans for the future? I believe that we will develop, grow, rebuild and build after the victory! We have no right to stop!

Glory to Ukraine!

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