Olena Horodnytska
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story


Before the war in Kyiv we had a clinic of aesthetic medicine Be perfect Clinic.

Unfortunately, the field of aesthetic medicine is not urgent and not in demand during the war, but from the first days we try to work, sending people cosmetics to all corners of Ukraine, consulting dermatological patients (many have exacerbated skin stress and acne, seborrhea, psoriasis).

We spend all the profits on volunteering and assistance. We also help and support the families of our employees.

And now we are making lists of victims of this war to provide free assistance in the aesthetic restoration of the face and body to alleviate the psychological health of the victims.

We are going to restore the skin of adults and children for free after shrapnel injuries, explosions, knife cuts (especially many of the raped women of Bucha), bullet wounds, burns, remove scars left by this war.

Unfortunately, we can’t remove the scars in our souls, but we will try on the body!

To do this, we want to buy a device that costs 15,000 €.

We contact work4ua in order to be able to support the business in wartime, provide free consultations and treatment to all those in need, and pay utility bills and taxes. Purchase devices and drugs that restore the skin after injuries.

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