Olena Kasian
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

“OKTOWN” is an application for building Ukraine’s tourist infrastructure and for cooperation of small and medium-sized tourist business, activities, recreation, and services in all regions of Ukraine! We will rebuild Ukraine and find time to rest!

The application will have a simple registration option for businesses and a comfortable interface for searching by geolocation for customers.

We are a women’s team working on development during the war!

During wartime, our website and application help businesses find employees and help employees find jobs regardless of their location.

“OKTOWN” is a new Ukrainian brand, which demonstrates the attractiveness of our country for tourism, cultural cooperation and business. It is aimed at promoting domestic tourism among the Ukrainians.

We focus on all regional centers and even small towns, which have a lot of historical heritage sites, offer a large number of excursions and there is always an opportunity to go camping and find other types of recreation.

In this way, we want to activate local tourism throughout Ukraine, and most importantly, give users the opportunity to seek a vacation place easily and affordably.

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