Olesya Kartseva
Slavutych, Kyiv region
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My story

My business is the dream of my life that came true three years ago in a small town of Slavutych, Kyiv region. The English studio “Alice from Wonderland ” was started with love, inspiration and willingness to attract all residents of the town from 6 years old on. We have succeeded. I am Olesya, a managing director of the studio. I started with three pupils and reached 150 students of various age levels before the war broke out. We opened a new place and employed 5 more teachers. We were awarded as the most successful business in Slavutych in 2021. We became the town favorites…. It was before!

Now we have three teachers only, much fewer children, but we are not on hold. We continue teaching children English because we once promised to stand with them! At the moment we are looking for financial support  to go on and hope we can find it here. Because education is important.

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