Ostap Pavliuk
Severynivka, Vinnytsya region
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My story

We are the «People for People» Charity Foundation.
Now our main project is the “Restart” tent camp. It is located in a picturesque place near Vinnytsia, where we help those affected by the war to regain their moral and emotional strength.
Our main tools are:
– Work with psychologists
– Group classes
– Creative evenings and classes
– Lots of different sports activities (kayaking, football, trekking, etc.)
– Beautiful nature around, and most importantly – security.

We provide our services to war victims for free. This means we provide food, accommodation and everything we mentioned above.

Please visit our social networks and get acquainted with our activities.

Your donation is a donation for the living expenses of people in the camp.
Thank you very much!!!

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