Sashko Chernolohov and Hryhorova Maryna
Lviv, Lviv
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

In 2021, our Dream started coming true – we created our own café.

A week before the war, we opened our window to start selling coffee and broth. But with the beginning of the war we had a resource to feed people who need it because at the Factory (Lviv, Zavodska, 31), where we rent space for our production and cafes, other tenants began to take people to shelter. Some people even lived in our production for several nights.

The team did not hesitate a second – we must feed the people who live here.

At the peak, our maximum reached 700+ food portions and 200+ cups of coffee a day. We feed IDPs, volunteers and defenders.

Currently, there are very few migrants living at the plant, and we have implemented the “Pay if you can” model and the ability to “hang food” for those who can’t pay, and we continue to cook takeaway for volunteers. We are looking for help to cover our expenses for the last month.

We have decided to continue the social component of “Dreams” and to launch Patreon. Every month we will help to realize the dreams of others. I want to do “Pay it forward” in real life.

Details are here:

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