Serhii Hrechushnikov
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My story

Hello everybody! 

My name is Serhii. I am one of the developers of the startup project LibraDataShelf.

LibraDataShelf is one of the software and hardware products implemented by our team to achieve comprehensive automation of control processes and replenishment of goods on the shelves of the retail network.

We strive to create accurate and reliable systems that combine the vision of the customer, the capabilities of modern measuring instruments, and software functionality.

Features of our accounting system:

1) Monitoring (control of the availability of goods in the sales area and compliance with storage conditions)

2) Notification (notification of reduction in the number of goods below the specified value or unacceptable storage temperature)

3) Analytics (data storage and reporting for marketing and strategic decisions)

Purpose of investment: 

  1. Salary for employees. 
  2. Opening a representative office in Europe. 
  3. Creating additional jobs. 
  4. Development and production of samples for testing. 
  5. Organization and launch of equipment production. 
  6. Product marketing and advertising.

At what stage is the startup, is the MVP ready?

MVP is ready and tested with such brands as “Nasha Ryaba”, “Myastoria”, “Varus”.

There are applications from the UAE and Lithuania. We are ready to test a number of retail chains in Ukraine. There are no sales yet. 

We will be grateful for your help and support!

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