Serhiy Linko
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hi there!

We are logisticians all day long, logisticians all night long. We make cargo move. We are a team called LB LOGISTICS, which provides a full range of logistics services, such as:

– customs brokerage services,

– delivery of goods 0.5 kg and up worldwide,

– consultations on foreign economic activity,

– export-import operations,

– warehousing services.

We have been supporting Ukrainian manufacturers and entrepreneurs since the very first day of our company’s existence, 2018 till today. We help to export goods and manufactured products from all regions of Ukraine around the world. We organize and deliver imported raw materials for Ukrainian businesses. Today our clients, colleagues and friends stand in defense of Ukraine, fighting, helping, working on all fronts.

Every day we improve our services by creating new opportunities and making life easier for Ukrainian businesses. Prior to the war breaking out, we started a large-scale project to create a “single online platform for any business”, raising our own funds for development and research. During these difficult times for Ukraine, we continue our business, develop and provide our services. It is very challenging to complete new projects and maintain activities in conditions of limited resources and reduction of the amount of customers. We are forced to seek support from the entire civilized world.

We are grateful for any assistance, any assistance will be used to benefit Ukraine, for the sake of the economy, prosperity and development of every Ukrainian business! By supporting each other, we are approaching our victory!

Glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

Glory to the heroes!

Glory to Ukraine! 💙💛

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