Serhii Marchenko
Vasylkiv, Kyiv region
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The activities of the LLC “AHROTEMATYKA growing grain crops (except rice), legumes and oilseeds.

The main activity of the LLC is crop production. LLC “AHROTEMATYKA” is VAT payer and pays the single tax of group 4 (as an agricultural producer) as well.

The total area of agricultural land leased by the LLC “AHROTEMATYKA” is 72.4 hectares. These lands are in Vasylkiv district of Barakhtivska village council in the Kyiv region, which is part of Vasylkiv united territorial community.

Land plots were registered in the State Register of Real Rights to Immovable Property in May 2021 in accordance with current legislation. The information regarding taxable items on all land plots was submitted to the State Tax Service of Ukraine according to the form 20-OPP. In 2021, sunflower was sown and harvested on the entire area of 72.4 hectares at the rate of 3.2 t / ha. In 2022, it is planned to plant soybeans on the entire area of 72.4 hectares.

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