Stanislav Zubtsov
Stavyshche, Zhytomyr region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello everyone, my name is Stanislav, I’m from the city of Mariupol. After the invasion of the russians and the destruction of the city, I miraculously managed to evacuate with my mother and move to my father’s house in the village of Stavyshche, Zhytomyr region. Here I decided to start farming to provide necessities for citizens in the event of a humanitarian catastrophe, and to contribute to the stabilization of the country’s economy by paying taxes. I have planted two gardens, one of which I received together with the rented house, and the other I rented myself. At the moment I sell radishes and green onions in markets and shops.

I am looking for help to develop my business, namely to stock a small pond with fish. I will buy machinery and hire workers for the installation of greenhouses and transportation of goods and filters to sunflower seed oil machines.

I will be grateful for your support and help

I will also consider proposals for cooperation.

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