Svyatoslav Viktorenko
Kyiv, Київська
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My story

Glory to Ukraine! My name is Svyatoslav Viktorenko, I am a co-founder of democratic schools “ALTERRA”. Democracy is freedom and future. Since 2018, in our democratic schools “ALTERRA” we have been paving the way to democratic learning for 300+ families in 3 cities of Ukraine.

Our school’s mission is to create a community where children can learn and develop in freedom and equality. We do not just talk about democratic procedures in our school, but we apply them in the educational process. We conduct (I don’t want to use the past tense “we conducted”) democratic meetings for children, where they tackle the key concerns of our school by voting.

We have always believed, and we still believe that democracy is the only right way for the future of our country. And today the whole world has proven it!

Since the beginning of hostilities on the territory of our country, most parents with children have left Ukraine, having left their former lives, businesses, workplaces. For our part, we are trying to keep working. For example, we have:

  1. Launched an online school for children, where payment is optional and can be made as donation.
  2. Opened free access to our non-residential platform for self-studying for 3000+ Ukrainian children:
  3. Launched “Rushnyk” an international project, aimed at creating the “Rushnyk” of democracy:
  4. Our team volunteers and raises funds for the purchase of bulletproof vests:

However, there are also challenges we need to overcome. First of all, it is financing the work of our employees. That’s why I’m here. Our team consists of 52 people who continue their work today in times of war. These are both teachers who teach children online and a back-office team that supports the work of the non-residential platform and develops communication with parents. Today, your support is a contribution to the education of Ukrainian children and their democratic future.



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