Tatiana Kukla
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story
Almost 10 years ago, I opened first a private nursary, originally designed for my own kids, and later a primary school that used a Montessory teaching method.
Now we are a Montesory Family team.
Maria Montessory believed that this method could help raise generations that would live in peace and harmony, in a war-free world.
But the war came to our home. Nurseries and schools all over the country were closed due to the danger of airstrikes. Our pupils found themselves in different cities and even countries.
From the first days of war we kept working. First, it was psychological support, warm online meetings with children. We strived to keep live relationships between kids, support them in this difficult situation.
However, for those who stayed with parents in the city and for kids from internally relocated families we renewed our operations in very unusual conditions.
Our workplace was underground floors of shopping centers lacking windows and daylight but providing the possibility to stay together and in safety. We understand how important it is to help kids regain their  psychological balance with the help of live communication with friends and being in a familiar environment.
We want to help our pedagogical staff and their families by providing them with a workplace in such uncertain times.
We aspire to help our country by raising decent human beings since they are our future! Yes, we work in a basement but this is the only way to protect our children during the air alerts.
We ask for your help to renew our full operation and to be able to fulfill our tax obligations to our state.
Our main goal is to save our country by educating and supporting our children.
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