Olga Titarenko
Mykolaivka, SUmy region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Retail store “Svitanok”, online store “Generous harvest” ()

The purpose of our activity is:

– Satisfying needs of the population with a wide and high-quality assortment of products: seeds, plant protection products, personal hygiene products, household chemicals, office items, children’s toys, goods for creativity and others non-food items of daily use through a retail store and distance trade (online store);

– Participating in public life of the population by providing material/sponsorship
assistance to local educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, boarding schools) and
other social institutions.

In 2019 we were the organizers of “Donate a book to a school”, “Help a boarding school” social programs. In 2020 we were partial sponsors in the implementation of the “Puppet Friend” project for children from special needs, and by New Year every child of the “Parents of children with special needs” Public Organization received a sweet New Year’s gift.

At the beginning of 2022, assistance in the implementation of social programs was planned. This includes “Sensory room for children with special needs” and “Creating a puppet theater” for one of the boarding schools in the region.

On the first day of the war, a run in with the enemy took place. When performing the task of delivering goods, our co-owner, not even knowing about it, met with a convoy of enemy vehicles halfway to the store.

Fleeing from danger, some of our team had to move to another residence. But everyone worked as hard as they could. Someone went to the store for several hours in moments of lull, others tried to maintain business remotely.

From the very first days, our regional center was under blockade, enemy checkpoints controlled the ways of entry and exit from the city, the city and intercity stopped transport, wholesale bases closed, delivery services refused to work at all. All this endangered crop season in the region.
We had to independently arrange meetings with private carriers so that at least some goods could be delivered to the store
The time and means of receiving the goods has become way harder. In some places it was necessary to involve several carriers to deliver only one small load.
The cost of cargo delivery also increased a lot, while production volumes were significantly limited. Wholesale price of some goods and materials increased increased threefold. Therefore, it was necessary to significantly reduce the team’s income to somehow balance the retail price
We were immediately forced to significantly reduce the company’s operating hours, and only recently went back to normal. Although shelling of the region over the past month increased significantly…

The state offered us a tax holiday for the wartime period, but we made a principled decision to pay all taxes on time and in full.

I believe we have fulfilled that our task of providing population with seeds, plant protection products and consumer goods, we fulfilled.
However, we currently need resources to restore merchandise stocks, increase the assortment of the main groups of goods in order to restore sales volumes. We also aim to implement social projects planned in 2022.
We will be grateful if someone can help us. We will even be glad to receive any form of financial assistance on the condition of return after several months.

We are confident that we will cope with this task together. We work for the victory!

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