How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello, we are the FRENDT team from Vinnytsia. We have been working for more than 8 years to bring our farmers to a new level of agriculture. Our mission is the “Agrarian Digital Revolution in Ukraine”, and we are moving in this direction every day. From the first days of the war, we realized that we could not give up and stop our work, because sowing in Ukraine depends on the lives of many of our compatriots and millions of people from Africa and Asia, where much of the crop is exported.

Our company helps to automate processes on farms to reduce their costs and increase productivity, and we also have a service center for the repair of agricultural electronics. Our production of cable products for agricultural, military, construction and municipal equipment has already been evaluated on the Ukrainian market, so specialists are working on their production with maximum load.

The attack on our country has shaken the stability of many companies, but we are trying to continue to support our employees and all those who need it. Our team has been providing humanitarian support to refugees from other regions since February 24.

We are looking for the necessary equipment and ammunition for our military, but our capabilities are not limitless.

To continue our work, we need outside support and will be grateful for every donation for us.

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