Viacheslav Luchko
Bucha, Kyiv region
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hi all!

My name is Viacheslav Luchko; I am the owner of the craft construction company USEBE. We provide a full range of services in real estate construction in Irpin, Bucha, and the Kyiv Region.

So far, we are unable to provide a significant part of the services and can build only in a safer region.

The relocation of the construction business to Western Ukraine has caused a complete overhaul of the USEBE business with its partial rebranding and new philosophy insights.

We have started a collaboration with new, fellow relocated partners in the real estate sector while sticking with old, time-tested ones. Together, we have started working on a new product that will not only meet the needs of future residents but also improve the city in which it will be located.

The project participants have one thing in common – a completely transparent and modern business in a region new to us. This way we will support our country in hard times of war and in a peaceful future.

We plan to build new square meters in Uzhhorod, which faces a severe shortage of property due to the sheer number of people displaced from other regions.

Further project development and engagement of new investors require funds for additional expenses, transportation, and marketing. Thus, I will be grateful for any help for my relocated business.

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