Valentyna Shved-Hirnyak
Irpin, Kyiv region
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My story


I am Valentyna Shved-Hirnyak, head of the private licensed TGI (ThinkGlobal Irpi) school, that is located in Irpin, Kyiv region.

It was established in 2019. Almost 80 children had been studying in our school before the war broke.
From the very first day of the war the cities of Irpin, Boucha, Hostomel became the location of main military operations for defending Kyiv. russia has been delivering destructive blows for almost a month. As of now 68% the Irpin city’s infrastructure and residential facilities are destroyed. The population has been almost completely evacuated.
Key challenges we are facing now are:
• Children who remain in Ukraine experience a significant psychological impact not only through moving, changing their usual living and learning conditions, but also through constant air alarms.
• Ukrainian families who are currently abroad cannot yet return to Priirpenya area (Irpin’, Boucha, Vorzel, Hostomel) due to the ruined infrastructure of the city, the time required to clear the territory and premises.
• Parents are ready to return as soon as the centralized communications (light, water, communications) are restored, however they will bring back the kids only after the complete reconstruction of the housing is done.

Therefore we decided to organize TGI Camp – a summer camp for children of Internally Displaced Persons (hereinafter referred to as IDPs) in the Carpathian Mountains for the period of July-August (4 camp shifts lasting 14 days each) by the TGI school team to help recover a total of 100 children in 4 shifts.

We found a quiet place in the middle of the forest at an altitude of 675 m above sea level, because we are convinced that in silence, among the mountains, children will be able to relax from the noise of constant air alarms, communicate live with their peers, finally meet with their old friends and make new ones.

A team with a psychologist will work with children to reduce the impact of war on children’s mental health.

Depending on the amount of assistance, TGI Camp will be held either at a discount for families, or completely free of charge for IDP children.

To carry out one shift of the camp, we need 289.9 thousand UAH.

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