Valeria Kalynovska
How to support Ukrainian businesses?
My story

Hello, Everyone!

We are a coffee shop called “Want Coffee”.

Since the war broke out we have been staying in Kyiv to immediately seize a chance and open the doors of our coffee shop to the customers. We believe that in these difficult days we desperately need a spot to meet up with friends, take a sip of coffee and share the memories of the peaceful atmosphere in our city.

We are continuing to pay taxes and employ new staff, like two amazing young women who have recently joined our team. We are willing to and have the resources to keep our business growing these days. We have made up our mind to start up a new coffee shop because we believe in our victory and want to do more to help our country.

We are really missing  the pre-war busy Kyiv.

We appreciate your support a lot!

Glory to Ukraine!


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